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Remote Estates is committed to help Rwandans own homes

Igihe 7 July 2017

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Remote Estates, a subsidiary of Remote Group of companies which is widely known as an engineering, construction and project management firm, has committed to helping Rwandans own houses by developing modern yet affordable units. This is in line with the government’s policy of increasing urban population to at least 35% by 2020....Read More


Remote Estates to use special materials to build affordable houses in Kigali

Igihe 2 June 2017

Remote Group’s subsidiary, Remote Estates will use Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) to build affordable housing units in Masaka, Kicukiro District, starting in the next three months. Marco Tiel Groenestege, Architectural Engineer at Remote Group, has revealed to IGIHE that the project in Masaka is the first ever in East African Region to use AAC, the high quality building material that is largely used in developed countries. Comparing with concrete cement which is usually the building.....Read More


Remote Estates facilitating Kigali tenants to own houses

Igihe 22 May 2017

Being a tenant, renting a dwelling place, has never been anyone’s wish; yet almost all people in the journey of their lives usually do rent. Every tenant always dreams of owning a house, dreams that remain unattainable to many, forcing them to endure the life-time burden. Having noticed such a nightmare of house tenancy in Kigali, Remote Estates has started a ‘Be Your Own Landlord’ campaign that will avail 282 affordable housing units by 2019.........Read More


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Property developers in the country heavily lean toward high income earners, leaving the majority of the populace, that is, middle income and low income earners, ‘isolated’ in as far as access to decent housing is concerned.....Read More